Horseback Riding

Equestrianism, more often known as ridinghorseback riding or horse riding is the 3 generation passion of the Gelindo family.

Horses are trained and ridden for competitive sports including dressage, endurance riding, show jumping, bur also for horseback riding. 

It all starts with uncle Galvino Trevisanutto towards the end of the 70s, but the first equestrian center was born in the 80's. 
Passing by Uncle Giancarlo Trevisanutto, historic and very popular instructor of the club and then Pietro Enrico Trevisanutto who was President of FISE FVG in the nineties but also the editor of the historical magazine "A briglie sciolte", are now the so
ns Chiara and Gelindo Trevisanutto to hold the reins of the center.

Centro Equestre Magredi is at 20 minutes by car to Pordenone and 35 minutes to Udine and offers the opportunity to learn about the world of horse at 360 degrees.

Info and reservation
Chiara +39 335 7170 807
Gelindo +39 335 7170 805