The Restaurant

Enjoy our flavors!

The composition of the dishes gives priority to typical Friulan products and mostly includes seasonal ingredients, grown and produced directly within the family’s farm: no stereotype and anonymous international  dishes, but  tasty  salamis, fragrant cheese, fine smelling soups, poultry from the roost, vegetables from the garden and home made pastry and cakes.
We prepare these dishes following recipes taken from antique Friulan recipe books however updated to modern standards: low fat and an accurate treatment in order to preserve the flavours of tradition.. Rustic “polenta” (thick maize porridge) and home made buck wheat bread come with the dishes.

… tasty salami, fragrant cheeses, flavored soups, poultrymeat, vegetables and fruits from our farm, genuine sweets, rustic bread, herb omelette, polenta with buckwheat, the trout of the Valleys, beers and wines from Magredi …… to taste unhurried in the pleasant atmosphere of the countryside of Friuli

Salads, bread, polenta, cioppini and sauces are self service at the buffet.
The service in Corte dei 20 is € 2,00 and in TINELLI is € 3,00.
The dishes with problems of intolerance are to be agreed with the chefs Elena e Tiziano.